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Suzy & Chad



3 Months Old...

We Love You!

Ain't She Sweet!


Mothers Day Pictures

With Mommy

And Daddy...



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This Website is dedicated to the Lynn Livengood Family...My wonderful wife Chris (Christy Hundemer) Livengood, my four Terrific Sons and their Families.


Everyone Is Here Except Suzy....

We Missed Seeing You Suzy!


Our Home

Cold Winter Day...


We are a very sports minded family but when it comes to baseball, we are divided.... Some of us are St. Louis Cardinal Fans and some of us are Chicago Cubs Fans. I don't want anyone seeing this page to favor any one person over the other, so I won't reveal any team preferences here. I must say though, when Football Season comes around, we are ALL diehard fans of Da Chicago Bearsss.


Go Bears!

  • Lynn Livengood
  • Chris Livengood
  • Brett Livengood
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  • Sean Livengood
  • Ryan Livengood


My Family

My Son Brett, His Wife Lois & My Grandchildren

At Kyle's Confirmation...

Lois, Kyle, Brett, Patrick

Andrew & Karlena


My Son Chad and Suzy

Suzy & Chad


My "At Home" Sons


At Wrigley Field June 5th...

Attending Illinois State University This Fall...



After His Graduation Party...

Attending Heartland College This Fall...


Cookie & Taffy

The Best Dogs In The World!


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